Mentor ™
Critique from designer, for designers. The new social media for designers that only spreads positivity.

The idea behind the logo, the M represents two people who are connected, hence the idea behind connectivity, using the M for Mentor.

With mentor you have the opportunity to be able to receive feedback from local, national and international 'Mentor'.

With a 2 step verification system, we ensure only people who are verified 'Mentor' are on the app, that way ensuring a community all signed up to the same values and ideas.

Spread Positivity - you can't swipe until you do!
The concept behind mentor is to spread positivity, the app works on a positive feedback basis. The user system exists on a giving feedback basis to be able to continue to view more work.

Auto Spam Filter
With an AI algorithm, the constantly learning system has a bank of phrases and words not permitted for use on the platform. This prevents and flags negative behaviour, helping to preserve and cultivate positivity within Mentor.

With mentor you are connected to both local, national and international 'Mentor', this means that you get a wide variety of positive feedback from all over the world. The app will be available worldwide, seeking to complete its mission for a better place for creatives, giving critique from designers for designers.

Client: Mentor
Deliverables: Brand Identity, App UX & UI, Copywriting

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